Manuscripts in Preparation and Review

LaRue, E.A., N. C. Emery, L. Briley, M. R. Christie. Geographic variation in dispersal influences eco-evolutionary range dynamics in response to climate change. In preparation.

LaRue, EA, J Holland, NC Emery. Environmental predictors of dispersal traits in a lakeshore plant species. In review.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

LaRue, EA, S Chambers, NC Emery (2017) Eco-evolutionary dynamics in restored communities and ecosystems. Restoration Ecology 25: 19-26.

Van Den Elzen, CL, EA LaRue, NC Emery (2016) Oh the places you’ll go! Understanding the evolutionary interplay between dispersal and habitat adaptation as a driver of plant distributions. American Journal of Botany 103: 2015-2018.

LaRue, EA, D Grimm, RA Thum (2013) Laboratory crosses and genetic analysis of natural populations demonstrate sexual viability of invasive hybrid watermilfoils (Myriophyllum spicatum x M. sibiricum). Aquatic Botany 109: 49-53.

LaRue, EA, MP Zuellig, MD Netherland, M Heilman, RA Thum (2013) Hybrid watermilfoil lineages are more invasive and less sensitive to a commonly used herbicide than their exotic parent (Eurasian watermilfoil). Evolutionary Applications 6: 462-471.

Tavalire, HF, G Bugbee, EA LaRue, RA Thum (2012) Hybridization, cryptic diversity, and invasiveness in introduced variable-leaf watermilfoil. Evolutionary Applications 5: 892-900.

LaRue EA, CR Ruetz III, MB Stacey, RA Thum (2011) Population genetic structure of the round goby in Lake Michigan: implications for dispersal of invasive species. Hydrobiologia 663: 71-82.

Andris, M et al. (75 other authors) (2010) Permanent genetic resources added to Molecular Ecology Resources Database 1 June 2010-31 July 2010. Molecular Ecology Resources 10: 1106-1108.


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